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'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: Will Morgan and Duane be Back?

The Walking Dead began with Rick waking up to the world changed, and it was Morgan who told him what happened while he was in a coma. Rick left Morgan and his son behind when he went looking for his family with plans for them to meet up later. However, things have happened, and the James men have yet to be seen again. Will they return?

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers

Back during the Talking Dead that aired after the season 2 finale, Robert Kirkman was asked if Merle, Morgan, or Duane would be back, and all he said was, “There is a 100% chance that you will see 33% of that grouping of people in season 3.” It has been confirmed that Merle is returning, complete with aphoto that shows what has happened to his arm. But that doesn’t mean that Morgan and/or Duane couldn’t show up later in the season.

In fact, Lennie James talked to Digital Spy about his future with the show: “It remains a possibility I could return. The character I played is away for a long time, so it’s kind of up to them whether I stay away or if I come back. There have been a few back and forth conversations and they check up on me every now and then. … There’s a possibility I might go back. It just depends on timing-wise if I’m free. At least one of the times they contacted me about it, I was busy doing something else.”

When season 2 ended, Rick had essentially declared it a “Ricktatorship,” as it has come to be called, and it is possible that The Walking Dead season 3 could reintroduce Morgan and Duane at some point. The survivors will be moving to the prison, the Governor and Woodbury are being introduced, and they can easily use one of those situations to bring back father and son. While they’re not exactly high up on the list of characters you want to see right away, it would be nice to find out what happened to them. However, with how the world has changed, it also wouldn’t be surprising if they didn’t reappear and it just became assumed that they’re dead or haven’t moved on.

Do you want to see Morgan and Duane return in The Walking Dead season 3? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the fall?


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