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‘The Walking Dead’ SPOILERS!!!: Synopses and titles to all season 3 episodes (WD MONSTER POST!)

It’s a great day for all “The Walking Dead” fans, February is finally here. This means that the return of “The Walking Dead” second half of season three is only 10 days away. Titles and synopses to the upcoming episodes have been leaked online since early last month, and on Friday, Feb. 1, Spoil the Dead forum has put them all in order for all walker fans.

Below are the titles and synopses for all eight upcoming episodes for the second half of season three. Keep in mind that they have not all been confirmed, but are supported by strong sources. Following the episode descriptions is a list of more “Walking Dead”spoilers.

Episode 9 – “The Suicide King” will air on Feb. 10: 
Rick returns to Woodbury to rescue one of his group members (presumably Daryl). Woodbury is in disarray after the recent attack, the Governor attempts to store order in his small town. New guests stay in the prison and are a cause for concern. Rick decides what to do about Tyreese and his group.

Episode 10 – “Home” will air on Feb. 17: 
The group is preparing their next step. Rick asks Daryl and Merle whether the right choices are being made. The Governor is planning an attack against the people responsible for the recent chaos.

Episode 11 – “I Ain’t a Judas” will air on Feb. 24: 
Rick and the group will have to make a choice, now no longer guaranteed their safety. Andrea feels uncomfortable with the Governor now that Woodbury has become a police state.

Episode 12 – “Good as Dead” note: this episode has also been rumored to be titled “Clear” this episode will air on March 3: 
Rick has found his lost friend (other spoilers reveal this friend to be Morgan, read more about that below) and is forced to make a decision that could change his life. Andrea grows suspicious of the Governor’s plans.

Episode 13 – “Aftermath” note: this episode has also been rumored to be titled “Arrow on the Doorpost” this episode will air on March 10: 
After making a tough decision, Rick has arrived back at the prison and someone in the group is missing. He Governor is on his way to attack the prison.

Episode 14 – “Prey” will air on March 17: 
The Governor attacks the prison, a big battle starts. Rick is seriously injured. Daryl is forced to make a decision.

Episode 15 – “This Sorrowful Life” will air on March 24: 
Rick is betrayed. Andrea and Michonne are once again reunited. The Governor confronts Rick and Glenn to them where Andrea is.

Episode 16 – “Welcome to the Tombs” will air on March 31 as the finale of season 3:
Rick has escaped with Martinez and figures out that someone in the group has been tricking them. Someone in the group commits suicide and Rick blames Tyreese for the cause.

“The Walking Dead” season 3 will return to AMC on February 10 with episode 9, “The Suicide King.” Subscribe to stay up-to-date with spoilers and “Walking Dead” news if you can’t wait for the season to return!

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