I am Rick Grimes' missing hand

I don’t know if we will be able to show everything.

I remember a couple of scenes I would look over at what was going on in the scene and I would be like, ‘What the eff? What are we doing? How is this legal? It’s grounded and real, too; it’s not like torture or gore for no reason,” he said. “It’s literally, that is what would happen and we are trying to show it. It would not work on network television, let me tell you that.

Steven Yuen also commented on the premiere, saying that that some of the scenes filmed in the train car were so intense, he thinks they’ll be heavily edited by the time we get to see them:
PREVIEW: The Walking Dead Glenn in Riot Gear Statue by Gentle Giant

Glenn Then and Now

The Walking Dead cast on Katie.

I think in season 4, he and the Glenn character, I think they really have a lot of romantic time that they spend together, and alone time. And I think, you know, it is a prison and I think that that’s probably where his character is going to go. Maggie? Who’s Maggie? You know what I mean? It’s Glenn and Daryl from here on!

The guess is that Norman Reedus is joking about who will be Daryl’s love interest this season:

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