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I’ve been a psychopath for too long in DayZ. Now I’m the Friendly Farmer!

How to Get the Cops Called on You During DayZ

Telltale Games, creators of The Walking Dead video game, have a new game coming out based on the comic FABLES. I’m definitely going to check it out!

‘The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’ Coming March 19, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Looks like Activision wants to move out of the busy week of March 26th by moving the release date for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of the game a week earlier to March 19th. Survival Instinct Wii U release date is unaffected, as it will still come on the 26th. I’m a little surprised it didn’t go the other way, because from the gameplay footage and screenshots we’ve seen so far it looks like the game could benefit from some extra development time. Pre-order details after the jump.

If you like to buy your games on Amazon, you can grab the Walker Execution Pack, which brings with it five blade weapons, oryou can get an ear necklace (like the one Daryl wears in the show) and the wave-survival Herd Mode Challenge — for the PS3 and Xbox 360 — at GameStop. That sounds like it’ll be similar to Gears of War’s Horde Mode, Halo’s Firefight, Alan Wake’s Fight Until Dawn, Resident Evil’s Mercenaries, well, you get the point. The GameStop bonuses will also be available at UK retailer GAME.


Walking Dead Game Season 2: First Details Revealed

Telltale Games recently wrapped up the first season of their adventure game The Walking Dead and they’ve already started work on Season 2. Telltale CEO and co-founder Dan Connors revealed the first information on the second season in a new interview. 

Throughout the first season of The Walking Dead, players had to make a series of hard decisions. These decisions had both long-term and short-term consequences. Connors told Redbull UK that some of these choices may even impact the story of Season 2. 

“Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two,” Connors said. “This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over.” 

It seems like making Season 1’s choices affect Season 2 shouldn’t be too hard. Many of the decisions from Season 1 turned out to be false choices that just funneled into the same result. For example, a character might end up dying no matter what you do in a given scene. 

However, there was one major decision from the end of the first season that might have huge ramifications. It would be nice to have that decision reflected in the game. I’d feel sort of cheated if Season 2 just decided one of the two possible choices was the “canon” ending. 

The first season of The Walking Dead is available digitally on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, and iOS. A disc-based version is also available for PS3 and 360. 


‘The Walking Dead: The Game’ Season 2: Developer Looking At How To Import Saves

The fifth and final episode of Telltale Games’ first season of The Walking Dead has been out on iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 since November, but the developer is already looking at how it will handle a second season – and maybe even a bigger franchise.

Speaking in an interview with Red Bull UK, Dan Connors, the CEO and co-founder of the veteran adventure game developer, talked about sources of inspiration Telltale drew from when crafting the story of The Walking Dead‘s first season.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/469861/the-walking-dead-the-game-season-2-developer-looking-at-how-to-import-saves/#6VldiXYRoh6HlmEr.99 

“I think the games that we talked about the most during development were Heavy Rain and Uncharted from a cinematic standpoint, and Mass Effect from a choice standpoint,” he said.

Of course, The Walking Dead TV show was a big source of inspiration as well – along with other hit TV shows, including another of AMC’s flagship shows, Mad Men, and HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

Although development on the second season of The Walking Dead is still in its very early stages, Connors explains that Telltale is looking into how it could allow the players’ choices from the first season to somehow carry over into the second.

“Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two. This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over,” Connors explained.

The Walking Dead will undoubtedly be a big focus for Telltale as we enter the new year, but Connors hints that the developer is hungry to tackle a new project – possibly an even larger franchise such as Star Wars.

“Coming from Lucas Arts we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” Connors said. “We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise, something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories.”

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/469861/the-walking-dead-the-game-season-2-developer-looking-at-how-to-import-saves/#6VldiXYRoh6HlmEr.99 

DayZ Log: Greed Kills

After stocking up so well from the stolen cars and ATV I was set. I didn’t just have food and weapons. I had the means to hunt more food and weapons. I could live forever off the land. But I needed more…

I had gone as far North as North could take me. So I decided to go South East. I passed a few towns. I knew there was nothing worth risking my neck for in them. So I avoided them. Even taking much longer to circle them.

I crossed a large field. Normally I stick to the woods but this felt safe. I notice a stone wall as long as I can see… This place is big. I find a gap in the wall and enter. I can see large hangers far away and a long runway. Its the Airfield! Some of the best weapons can be found here.

Currently I have a pistol but no rifle. The update took that away from me. I slowly make my way through the trees scouting the airfield. Its full of zombies. Too many to kill. Spread out all over. So I crawl.

Its a slow pace but I make my way into the first hanger. I find an AK with three clips of ammo!. I’m set! There’s nothing else I need. I should leave. I should go back to the forest where its safe… but I don’t. There are 7 more untouched hangers… maybe I can find more ammo. Maybe I can find a better gun… maybe maybe maybe.

I make my way to the second hanger. Its getting dark. I don’t normally play at night. The dark is good because the zombies can’t see you as well. But you can’t see them either. I’m holding too much to equip my flashlight. I’d have to ditch my pistol to use it.

As I begin across the landing strip I hear a growl. There was a zombie just out if site to my left. His screams attract three more!

I run. I run back to the first hanger. Zombies can’t run indoors. I get inside and pull out the AK. Yet they’re still running! They can run in large hangers… I shoot the first… he drops. I shoot the second… he drops. The third dives at me breaking my leg… the fourth, fifth and sixth eat me alive…

I watch as I lose everything I’ve worked for. All for the curiosity of what I MIGHT find. That won’t happen again…. once I’m set up I play it safe. This is about survival not kill counts.

I survived 6 hours in a game where most don’t live 20 minutes. Next time I’m surviving 12 hours… and I won’t get greedy.

DayZ Log 2: Into the wild

So last time I was heading north into the woods to get away from the crowded towns and shores of death. Well I can tell you already the forest is your friend!

After passing a few towns and avoiding any fights I find my first ever TREE STAND! They are known to have some pretty valuable drops. Tree Stand #1 had nothing at all… But then I found a second and it had some ammo but not for any guns I was carrying. Still made me feel good to finally find a few after hearing so much about them. 

From the Tree Stand I could see what looked like a large Radio Tower. I made my way slowly towards it looking left and right for any zombies or other players. I’ve seen players use this as a base before. 

Approaching the area I immediately see another player. But she’s facing down to the ground. I aim my rifle for a head shot and fire. Nothing… another shot… nothing. There’s blood but she wont drop. I shoot again at the legs nothing… At this point I assume the character is frozen or something. I walk up and I’m able to take items off the body. 

I manage to get a blood pack, food, drink, map, morphine, and best of all an assault rifle with an ACOG Scope!. I get the hell out of there as fast as I can before her friends show up!

As I head down the woods I see a large pig/boar. I know have everything to cook food. Hatchet for wood, matches to start fire and a hunting knife to gut the animal. I shoot a few pistol rounds to take the beast down and gut the steaks off it. 

One little piggy gives you lots of meat!

I harvest some wood and start up a fire. I make sure I’m far enough away and hidden behind some hills so the smoke doesn’t get anyone’s attention. I make sure to cook the meat quick and then put the fire out. Its pretty easy once you have everything you need. 

Now with food and drink and plenty of ammo I make my way further north. My goal is to reach the farthest point and then head east to shore. Then I’ll be able to pin point my location better. I’ll be able to use my Map after that. Still no compass =(

I see a pretty rainbow along the way. 

As I get closer to the northern most part I see a large yellow truck. I see cars all the time but they’re broken down. This truck appears in GREAT condition. As I slowly get closer I see TWO other trucks AND an ATV. I hop in the large truck and begin ramming it into the two smaller trucks. I’m not planning on using them. They attract too much attention. So I need to use my Scorched Earth policy and leave nothing of use behind. This is definitely someone’s stash. I manage to cripple the two white trucks and the large yellow was pretty banged up and low on fuel. 

I walk over to the ATV and discover that there’s loot in it! I find a ghillie suit, another assault rifle with sniper scope, antibiotics, a tent, more food and drink, another morphine injection. THIS was the mother load. Someone’s not going to be happy when they come home later.  

I use the ATV for a while but it’s too loud for my taste to I bail and leave it hidden.

Most games train you to explore every building. Kill everything you see. DayZ teaches you to avoid everything trust no one. I have to fight my curiosity every time I see a town or building. If I don’t need anything the risk isn’t worth it. I only have one life after all. 

I continue my journey to the coast. Hoping to avoid any contact. At this point I have everything I need live. There’s no reason to go near any towns. people or zombies. I will live off the land as long as I can. 

DayZ Log:

Spawned near the beach at Cherno this time. At least I think it was Cherno. I made it into the Church, Fire Station and the supermarket to stock up. Got a larger backpack. I can now hold 20 items instead of 8. I have 4 cans of food, 3 cans of soda and 2 canteens (Refillable). I also managed to get a Einfield Rifle, a hatchet and an axe. 

Once I grabbed all my gear I made for the woods as fast as I could. The trick wasnt other players this time. It was the 5 zombies in the field in between me and the freedom and safety of the woods. I crawled and rolled and crawled across the field almost like a game of frogger dodging the slow but deadly zombies. I knew I could run back into town if one saw me but then I’d have to start all over.

After about 20 minutes of crawling I see a group of trees ahead. I bolt for them. Once I’m in the forest I’m already half hungry and thirsty but I want to wait til Im starving to use any supplies. 

Knowing the shore is behind me (South) I run forward which much be North. I stay in the deep forest and avoid roads as much as possible. I know that if another player sees me I’m toast. I have plenty of ammo but the guns are pretty basic if I run into a group of players. 

I continue through the woods looking for tents and tree stands (Both have items in them) No luck there though. I manage to see a small lake. I notice that Im pretty thirsty and hungry so I take the time to eat and drink and practice filling my canteen in the lake. It will be really helpful to live off the land. I have a hunting knife as well but I need matches if Im going to kill animals and cook the meat. 

I continue North and North East trying to get as deep into the woods as I can. I know there’s an airstrip way north at the top of the map. I’m hoping I can make it there. Less players and lots of loot.

I find a group of bushes and lay down and log off.

Next time I’m making it to the airfield…