I am Rick Grimes' missing hand
The Walking Dead’s Rooker: Sunday’s Is One of, Maybe The, Best Episode Yet This Year

During an interview with Eric Ratcliffe’s Why I Love Comics podcast earlier this week, The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) talked a bit about his experiences so far this season, what his character might be up to as far as his relationship with Rick Grimes is concerned, and what fans should expect in Sunday’s midseason finale, the last new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead until the show returns from its hiatus in February.

On Merle’s feelings toward Rick: 

“I think Merle over the span of what you saw with Andrea is getting information about this guy, Rick, being a very good leader. He’s respected by his followers – so I think that Merle respects that to a certain degree but there’s still history here and Merle is not one to forget, either. So we’ll see how it ends up playing out later on in the season.”

On returning to the series after a long absence:

“I think even when I wasn’t on the show, my presence was felt. The writers kept adding in things about Merle–my brother rode my bike, my brother found my stash, my stash ended up saving T-Dog. The character was kind of there and so once I was brought back onto the show, you already had a little history about who Merle is and where he came from and what he liked – so I didn’t have to do a lot of that.”

On getting used to the prosthetic on his arm: 

You know what, it didn’t take hardly any time at all. I went through the whole process of developing it with the prosthetic people and testing it out and the only thing you have to get used to is the actual blade is about six inches–so realizing that’s the case, your hand-eye coordination and your brain have to adjust to that different length for the one arm. But once that occurred (that didn’t take long for me), you wear it a day or two and you’re already using it as if it’s your arm, as if it’s your real extension.

On what to expect from this weekend’s mid-season finale:

When it comes to Merle, what’s coming up for Merle is more kick-ass. You’re gonna get some surprises in there but I’m not going to tell you those surprises–you’re going to have to watch for yourself, my friend. All I can say is the finale over the holidays is going to be probably one of, if not the best episodes of this first half of the season.


Thomas Jane wants in on The Walking Dead

Thomas Jane is best known for his portrayal of Marvel’s Anti-Hero Frank Castle aka The Punisher in the 2004 action film which co-starred John Travolta. He also starred in Frank Darabont’s 2007 Sci-Fi Thriller The Mist. Today NBC Washington is reporting that Jane has had his eye on a Walking Dead role for quite sometime now.

Jane spent his Emmy night at dinner with “Walking Dead” director Frank Darabont, hatching out a plan to get on the show which begins airing on Oct. 31. If you haven’t heard the “Walking Dead” hype, you soon will. The story of life after a zombie apocalypse is going to be a monster success.
“I’m going to come on and do a guest thing,” he says. “Maybe play a bad guy.”

Alright, that’s just awesome. Jane also says that he’s seen “it” (possibly referring to the pilot episode) and that it’s “fan-f—-ing-tastic!”. The only thing that gets me is that when he says he will be playing a bad guy, the only bad guy I can think of is The Governor and putting The Governor in season 2 is pushing a lot of stuff too closely together. You have Atlanta Camp, the road, Farm and eventually the Prison. Combining all of that into season 2 would just be too much. So he’ll most likely be a new character for the TV show, if he plays a bad guy at all.

—The Walking Dead Podcast

A podcast entirely dedicated to The Walking Dead comic and show. Check it out!


A podcast entirely dedicated to The Walking Dead comic and show. Check it out!