I am Rick Grimes' missing hand
"Tainted Meat!!!!!"

I was waiting for Bob to yell that out

The German TV network that airs The Walking Dead apparently does a thing called a “binge selfie,” where they record people binge-watching a show. Obviously, this couple sat down to see all 51 episodes of TWD with naught but bathroom and sleep breaks, and it’s quite the trip down zombie-filled memory lane.

Rick don’t fucking with me Grimes vs. Gareth

He’s definitely still alive. 

"MORE WALKING (AND TALKING) DEAD: PART 2" - A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead:

Robert Kirkman tried to say that Gareth was dead, was unconvincing, and reiterated that there’s every chance that the group will encounter worse people:

"There have been some dream sequences that reveal the past, and a couple of snippets here and there that show things, but I use them as sparingly as possible in the comics. I think there’s only been like three in the 132 issues that are now out. We do it a little bit more in the show. It’s a lot of fun. I mean, again, it adds so much depth. You know so much more about Gareth and all of those people because of those two very minor scenes.

But because we did not see Gareth die, we see him clearly shot in the shoulder region…

He looked dead to me.

Didn’t look dead to me!

I certainly would not expect to see that guy ever again.

Yeah, especially considering we saw scenes of him in the trailer you guys put out that we did not see in that episode. [Laughs]

Why are you spoiling the fun, Dalton? That’s not how you do things. You’re supposed to forget that trailer the minute you start watching the show!

Well, I think a lot of people do want to see more from that character.

It just goes to illustrate the kind of people that you encounter now. This world has been around for a while, and we’ve seen Rick and how he’s survived, and what he’s had to do to survive. And now every single person you meet on the road and in your journey, you have to think, “How are they here? What did they do to get here?” And Gareth is a great example of somebody who has done some terrible things that have changed him, that have brought him to a place that has made him very dangerous. And we see those things. But as they’re now out of the boxcar and on the road again, it’s entirely possible that they might encounter more people that could be just as threatening. Or way worse.”

Kirkman wrote episode two of this season, and he says that there will be an “iconic” location from the comics in it. He also hinted that there “may” be more new characters. Morgan is also going to be a major part of the season with “a question as to whether he’ll meet up with them, or when he’ll meet up with them, but we’ve got a lot of big plans for the character of Morgan, so stay tuned.” 

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This is easily the top “live plus same-day” demo rating for an entertainment telecast this season — well above the 5.4 earned by the season premiere of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory.” And among all primetime programs, it ties at No. 1 with the Sept. 28 “Sunday Night Football” game on NBC between the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys.
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